A showcase and download page for albums (music)

Release notes

First release

Capture2Net 1.0

Upload screenshots with just a single shortcut

Release notes

Initial release

ChromeScreens 1.1

Run a fullscreen chrome instance on each display

Release notes

Note: This release requires Debian Jessie!

It is now possible to specify additional Chrome options or even additional URLs to open in new tabs (useful if combined with a tab switcher extension like Revolver - Tabs).


A customizable dashboard providing various widgets

Ejabberd Archive Viewer 1.2.1

A simple frontend for viewing ejabberd archive entries

Release notes
  • Fixed Docker image rebuild
  • Include zip archive with pre-built assets in release
GTA San Andreas ToolBox master

A tool for GTA San Andreas allowing to teleport the player, spawn vehicles and more

KRunner SSH 1.0

KRunner SSH Backend

Release notes

Initial release

Keyboard Mapper 3.5.0

A tool for Linux desktops to map keys of dedicated keyboards to specific actions

Release notes
  • Allow to use multiple keys in combination to execute shortcuts (i.e. Ctrl+F1 instead of just Ctrl or F1)
Loxone Stats 2 InfluxDB master

Import statistics collected by the Loxone Miniserver into InfluxDB

MealPlan 1.2.0

A webapp for managing meal plans

Release notes
  • Retry sending failed notifications with the next trigger
  • Add timeout for notification requests (default to 10 seconds)
  • Fixed not using default timeout in save webhook
PHPDynDNS 3.4.0

A simple DynDNS Service written in PHP

Release notes
  • Use semantic versioning format
  • Build release using GitHub Actions
RSS Filter 1.3.0

A simple proxy allowing to filter RSS feeds

Release notes
  • Warn user about unsaved changes while editing feed
  • Fixed incorrectly using environment variable DATABASE_USERNAME instead of DATABASE_NAME as database name
  • Optionally read configuration from .env file in application root
  • Updated dependencies to latest versions
  • Use PHP 8.2 in Docker image

Note: Now requires at least PHP 8.1.

Screenshot Manager 1.0

A simple manager and editor for screenshots

Release notes

Initial release

Team Planer 1.4.0

A simple calendar allowing to plan recurring events in teams (e.g. shift planing)

Release notes
  • Updated Dockerfile to use PHP 8.2
  • Push Docker image to Docker Hub
  • Require at least PHP 7.0
Telegram 2 Elastic 3.1.2

A simple Telegram client writing chat messages to an Elasticsearch instance in realtime

Release notes
  • Fixed crash if username, first_name or last_name of sender are not defined (thanks to @cololi)
  • Use empty username and lastName and use "Deleted User" as firstName if sender user is not available/deleted (thanks to @cololi)
Tracky 1.0.0

Track your watched movies and TV shows

Release notes

Initial release