My name is Michael a.k.a. Programie. I'm 32 years old and live in Germany.

I work at 1&1 IONOS SE where I am responsible for the availability of the Shops, the Control Center as well as some services in the background.

Software development

I started to write my first programs in 2005 in the programming language PureBasic.

I'm a hobby developer. But I also develop some tools at work, regardless of my actual job title. Some of them are even open source, like Team Planer which is used for our team internal on-call duty planing.

Developed stuff

One of my first and pretty long living projects was the GTA San Andreas ToolBox.

I also developed some small PHP libraries like Pini (a library for reading and writing Ini files in PHP), PHPCurl (a PHP OOP wrapper for Curl with some additional features) or PHPUtils (a collection of useful utility functions).

In 2013, I started to write my first Bukkit plugins (Minecraft), then lost the interest in Minecraft. After 4 or 5 years later, I decided to continue maintaining them and even developed some more plugins.

You can find all my projects on the projects page.

Known languages

Used frameworks, libraries and technologies