My name is Michael a.k.a. Programie. I'm years old and live in Germany.

I work at 1&1 IONOS SE and are responsible for the availability of the Shops and the Control Center.

Software development

I started to write my first programs in 2005 in the programming language PureBasic.

I'm a hobby developer. But I also develop at work, regardless of my actual job title.

Developed stuff

I developed tools like the GTA San Andreas ToolBox and Capture2Net a while ago. But they are no longer maintained. :(

But I also developed some PHP libraries like Pini (a library for reading and writing Ini files in PHP), PHPCurl (a PHP OOP wrapper for Curl with some additional features) or PHPUtils (a collection of useful utility functions).

A few years ago I started to write Bukkit plugins (Minecraft), then lost the interest in Minecraft. And now, 4 or 5 years later, I decided to continue maintaining them.

Take a look at GitLab to see all the stuff.

Known languages

Used Frameworks / Libraries / Technologies

Latest projects

Screenshot of Keyboard Mapper
Keyboard Mapper

A tool for Linux desktops to map keys of a dedicated keyboard to specific actions.

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Screenshot of Talking Mobs
Talking Mobs

A Minecraft Bukkit plugin which lets mobs talk to the player.

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Screenshot of Explosive Mobs
Explosive Mobs

A Minecraft Bukkit plugin which lets mobs explode once they die.

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Screenshot of Album Showcase
Album Showcase

Album Showcase is a simple showcase and download page which can be used to provide an overview of your music albums and allow your guests to download the albums.

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Screenshot of Team Planer
Team Planer

A simple calendar allowing to plan recurring events in teams (e.g. shift planing).

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