Need to plan recurring events in a team (e.g. like shift planing)? Team Planer displays a calendar for a whole month showing each team member in a separate column.

It is also possible to have different entries per day (e.g. on-call duty, vacation) for each member. In that way, it is possible to configure one team member as on vacation while another team member does the on-call duty.


If you clone the repository directly (instead of downloading one of the pre-built releases), you will need those tools as well:

Installation from the Git repository


The configuration is done in a simple JSON file config.json which is located in the config folder. You can create or update it by executing php bin/update-config.php.

User management

Currently you have to manage users directly in the database. An easier user management is planed for one of the next releases.

Create a new user

Remove an existing user


It is possible to extend some parts of Team Planer using extensions.

Currently, the following features are supported to be customized/implemented:

Extensions are located in the extensions folder in the root of this application which is not created by default.

Testing with Docker