Note: This plugin is a remake of the MobTalk plugin. Most of the older mob messages are copied from MobTalk. Messages for mobs not present at the last release of the MobTalk plugin still have to be added this plugin.

It is simple: It lets mobs talk to the player.

For example if you attack a mob, a random message will be sent to the attacking player.


You may also download the latest release from CurseForge.

Instructions how to manually build the project can be found on GitLab.


TalkingMobs knows the following permissions:


The /talkingmobs command is the one and only command provided by this plugin.

Usage: /talkingmobs [subcommand] [arguments]

The following sub commands are currently available:

Event types

The following event types are currently available and can be used for the type in the /talkingmobs toggle <type> command and in the configuration files.

Additional to those event types, the killed event type can be used in the messages configuration to define a message for both types (player and other).


The main configuration can be changed by editing the config.yml file.

All messages can be customized in the messages.yml file.

After changing the configuration, reload it using /talkingmobs reload.