This script reads the statistics collected by the Loxone Miniserver and writes them to an InfluxDB instance.

The idea for the script started in a thread in the Loxforum.



This script requires a small configuration file to define the connection to your InfluxDB instance, your Loxone Miniserver as well as which stats should be imported into which measurements.

Just copy config.sample.json to config.json and edit it to match your requirements.

The influxdb and miniserver configuration should be self explaining: Those options configure the connection to the InfluxDB and your Loxone Miniserver.

In the stats_map you have to map each UUID of the statistics to a measurement and (optional) tags.

As you might not know the UUIDs of the stats, you can list all available statistics including their UUID and name. To do that just execute python3 --list.

Without any arguments, the script will start to import the statistics configured in the configuration file: Just execute python3